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Here's a few of Wendy's signature talks:

"Money Answers All: 10 Financial Steps To a Better Future". These are 10 habits that will change your finances including: BELIEVING you should have more money, paying yourself first and starting a business with little money and much more!

"Birthing a Business", the essentials of building a successful business like finding a business that works for you, a logo, branding yourself, monetizing your business, marketing, etc. When you have a clear gameplan you can achieve your goals!

"Money for the KINGDOM or Non-profits", which includes working with Pastors and non profit organizations and teaching where and how to connect. Ministries and Non Profits are always looking for those that can help them grow the business portion of growing the church, learn how to become the one they choose!

"The Woman After God's Heart: Learning to grow in faith through your obedience in every situation". My testimony taught me that GOD was always with me but was I truly listening. Learn a clear path to building a stronger relationship with God and get the results in life you want.

What others are saying:

"Wendy has taught me so much about marketing myself and how I need to build a relationship with my audience before they will be interested in anything I have to offer."
- Ed Warren
"From meeting Wendy until now my life intellectually, spiritually, and business has made a complete about face. I'm now business educated and know business etiquette that I didn't know before."
- Kayla Lowman
"Birthing a Business Coaching has brought me from having a hobby, and having only a small reach here locally, to owning a business that is reaching an audience worldwide."
- Daniela Gipson, Owner of Incredibly Unique Baskets
"When I started Calling in to Wendy Lovejoy's weekly Monday Prayer call I was doing so because I felt as if I had hit too many walls along with the knowledge of things as well as people operating against me. One of my first breakthroughs was releasing the anger and bitterness I had been carrying for 20 years..."
- Shaunna Marie Stevens
"Every successful entrepreneur understands no matter how good one gets, the need for constant mentoring and personal coaching is essential. Begin your journey, Invest in yourself, become a member of Wendy’s program today."
- Tony Constabile
"you can see if Wendy may be available to speak at your next conference webinar or telseminar"
Wendy Lovejoy is the founder of, a website that helps individuals, Corporations, coaches, churches, solo entrepreneurs and professionals to master keeping more money and not work hard and to always know where their money is going.

She is also the founder of Birthing a Business COACHING which takes your money from earning it to making it work for you by monetizing your skills. With this program you learn how to attract the right business partners, clients or customers with the right logo, brand and clear marketing programs. Clarity and systems in business means more cash flow!

Wendy has over 15 years COACHING business experience. She has spoken to many churches and businesses including Creflo Dollar Ministry Bondage Breakers and she also spoke in a vast number of countries all over the world including: United States, Nigeria, Spain, Holland, Jamaica West Indies and South Africa. Wendy's blog and newsletter have helped guide thousands of professionals become entrepreneurs by getting on the right road to creating their dream lifestyle. Grab her newsletter here

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Mailing Address
Wendy Lovejoy
6555 Sugarloaf Pkwy
suite 307
Duluth, Georgia
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Wendy Lovejoy speaks at GaREIA for Real Estate Investors of Georgia.

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