Facebook Marketing

Facebook marketing is a little more interactive than most of the other Social sites. It takes a committed schedule of when you post. You want to get to know your audience. Let me give you some tips you can use on ALL you Social Media Marketing. Even on Periscope, YouTube , LinkedIn or Twitter.
Facebook Marketing
1- Engage or communicate. No-one will keep interacting with you if they do not get a reply from you. Find ways to talk to others about their situation. Find out what your growing community is going through then post about it. As a solution not a drill sergeant.  Most people are looking for what you offer but you have to first sell them what they want THEN you can sell them what they need.
Ex. I just started a new page. Wendy Williams Lovejoy…It’s about 2 weeks old and I have over 1200 friends. I also have 400+ pending I have not looked through all of them yet. I  sed to just except everyone until I found porn on my page. Now I look at their pages and what friends we have in common so I am building a group that needs my services, even if they do not know it yet.
f2-Don’t be boring.  Share some fun stuff on your page. Like good shows or comedy specials you like. That gets the audience engaged more. Pay attention to what gets the most responses and you can post more of that, As well as what you have to offer. The hard sell does not work on building lasting business relationships. People want to know you care and make it  FUN.
3-Great Content. Use your Social Media to give information. LOTS of information on the subject you offer. EX: I am promoting my Yellow Letter Mentoring Program so I have given lots of good information about doing the campaign properly. I also share a lot of information they will not find by googling it….UNTIL I put it out there. Like the phones and envelopes I use most people share the yellow letter templates and basically that is it. I give much more information….That is what makes them feel if she is giving so much for free I wonder what she will give when we pay?
Foster your community4-Foster your community. In other words care about them. Really care. Want to spend time with them. You are investing in a community that will pay off big. They also become like an ATM…. On my Bootcamp Programs ATM = Automate The Money. That is what your Social Media community will do for you if you treat them with care. Learn to share more than you sell. In other words if you post 5 good days then on  the 6th ask them to buy. The one thing I do not like is every time I hear from you  a new product you just released is promoted you want me to buy… When asking for the sale do not bluntly ask for the sale…  I give content and then say “By the way I have this free conference call but you can get more intimate training on the Yellow Letter Mentoring Program..
ENJOY your community5- ENJOY your community but please do not verbal vomit” on them. That is what I call it when you  tell them the most intimate issues you have   EX: I watched a young lady BLAST her husband of many years on Facebook as they were going through their divorce. But then asks me if I want her new boyfriend to coach with me on some of my projects… I am sure you know what my answer was. Capital NO.  The community wants to know very little  of your issues like a death of someone you value. This year I had two shocking deaths to me, one my close friend of over 25 years James Ajax Baynard of Crown heights Affair. That just really had me in tears… I shared that with my community and they understood and consoled me. Then recently a gentleman I trained and helped transform into a strong leader in Columbus Ga. as I was building out 5linx was also killed in a car accident unexpectedly. Like Ajax. That shocked me and I shared it in my community and they responded. I posted a few things about loosing loved ones and the pain of loosing good friends who supported you. It helped a lot of others…Because most of my posts are to inspire and inform…
Work on your community including your email list…
It is very important that you grow your list and how  they see you.
Care and encourage them and they will do the same to you.
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Here’s to the life you dream of,
Wendy Lovejoy Business Transformation Coach/Real Estate Mentor
Yellow letter mentoring | how to make money through real estate

Yellow letter mentoring | how to make money through real estate