121- Happy New Year, BELIEVE this is the year you will succeed. Believe you can do it. Then see yourself achieving it. Another belief you want to cultivate is that you DESERVE to succeed. A lot of people fail because subconsciously  they do not believe they deserve to succeed
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2- You want to find a strong  WHY.  There has to be a reason outside of yourself to achieve your goals.  If  getting them done for yourself was enough you would have already done it.
3- Become the goal you want to achieve. Become a person who would succeed at what you desire to achieve. It may take dressing better, a cleaner car, improving your skillsets or finding  a mentor.  Success is attracted to success work on exuding it from yourself to the world and you will attract it.
4-Make your goals for 2016 a priority or you will procrastinate. You see when people see their goals as a matter of urgency they take more focused action.
5-Focus on the first quarter of 2016. Take the goals for the year and chop them down to monthly then weekly goals.  This  will give you daily and hourly goals. You have the power to change what you did not like about 2015.
6-Enjoy the journey or the destination will not be appreciated.  Don’t  be too hard on yourself.   You can  live a bigger life but only you can make it happen.
Happy 2016!!!
Wendy Lovejoy Business Coach/Real Estate Investor/ Mentor