Money Money Money

Money money money  what  habits you have that could be stealing your.
1- Spending money eating out.
It is better to budget time to cook meals you can carry than to eat on the run. Preparing your meals is not only healthier for you but usually less expensive. My daughter use to stop and buy her breakfast at McDonalds every morning on her way to work. I decided to buy fruits and breakfast meals she could carry. She was thankful and saved more money. Buying fast foods is not healthy and more expensive through out your life than you imagine. It can cause weight gain, heart issues from the fat that is stored in your body, which will raise your doctor visits as you get older.
Spending money eating out

2- Buying water or coffee..

Everyday Buying a case of water is less expensive than buying a bottle of water a day. You can spend as much as  $3 or much more for a bottle of water or you can buy a case of 24 bottles for $3. That is a huge savings that can go to the piggy bank and add up to a deposit on an MLM or a course or trainings you may need.

3- Shopping Additions…
Yes, buying clothes even items on sale can add up.  A lady  I am coaching  shops while waiting to pic up her son from his program. She says I save the gas by not going home after I drop him and then having to come back. BUT she thinks because she shops at a thrift store she is saving . But I had her write down what she spends for 2 weeks. She was shocked to see she was spending a lot more in clothes and it was causing a negative in her budget,  I suggested she find a gym in the area and invest in her health. She pays $9 a month for the gym. What a large savings
4- Not having a budget….
You want to know what it costs to live your lifestyle. The bills you pay mortgage, rent, car note, insurance, these are items that come every month. The variables are the water, gas, lights etc. Look at your totals monthly expenses. Ten look at your total monthly income. NOW where are you? Focus on a BUDGET and you will not spend frivolously.
5- Create a DREAM BOARD…..
If you have a DREAM Board it pulls you into a better future. It stops your focus of areas you lack. A Dream Board creates a positive energy that PULLS you while focusing on debt is energy that drains you.  Create a DREAM BOARD and watch your reality CHANGE Your money matters. Money Mastery Course is based on trainings that changed my finances. They are basic principles and tools that will change yours.   We invite you to let us help you  in taking control of your finances so you can be a MASTER over your money and not be ruled by it..
Money Mastery
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