Have you made a thousand dollars a month?

Have you made a thousand dollars a month?Have you made  a thousand dollars a month? What about $50,000 or what about $450,000?  Yes I have.  And it is possible for you.
I was looking at some old back statements and reflecting on some of the checks I got to deposit because of Real Estate.
Have you made a thousand dollars a month?I have closed more deals than most can imagine in my 25+ years in Real Estate. I look back to the days when $25 was an issue but I told myself I am a MILLIONAIRE.  It took a year and some serious studying of buying real estate with no money then walking out what I learned.
I chose great mentors like Chuch McGill,  Robert Allen, Mike Ferry and others. They were not free but I am so glad I invested  thousands so I could get to the millions. So can you.
 Have you made a thousand dollars a month?
I learned a lot on my journey.  I have put in enough hours to be called an EXPERT and then a GURU!   I do not like
GURU and will except expert but I prefer Mentor or Trainer.
I was so busy doing the work I did not know how many hundreds and thousands God has used me to influence and guide into a better lifestyle through Real Estate.   I have helped many when  I operated as a Broker and as a Real Estate Investor.
As an Investor I have closed one bedroom condos to million dollars strip malls and everything in between. I have done  Master leases, rent with options, seller financing, 203k loan deals and simple Hard money. If it is Real Estate I have done it.
I always say  when you choose a mentor choose someone who has done what you desire to learn.  I can honestly say if Real Estate is what you want to learn I can teach it because I have done it. Then  I created the system to make it easier for you.Have you made a thousand dollars a month?
I can show you how to buy real estate with little or no money as well as how to buy real estate if you have thousands or millions.
I would like to give you the opportunity  to get affordable training with me.   Affordable but life changing.
IF you have considered a career in Real Estate, If  you have wanted to learn wholesaling?. Maybe you thought about finding fixing and flipping but did not know where to start because of your  credit or income? Or you may have a 401K and wondered how to use it for Real Estate Investments? Or you could be the person who wants to pull equity from a current property to buy more? Maybe you just need a gameplan? Or you are the international investor looking to work wih someone who has the knowledge and hands on team that will make your ownership in the United States a reality?
If you answered yes to any of the above then our website is the best place to start . Its time to register for  one of the Group trainings or the Platinum Program  if you want  more one on one access.
Visit Real Estate Investment | Atlanta, GA – Yellow Letter Mentoring and register NOW so we can schedule with your individual Gameplan session with Wendy  “The Real Estate Lady” Lovejoy
Lets make a deal,
Wendy Lovejoy Real Estate Mentor/ Business Transformation Coach