Money Money Money

Money money money  what  habits you have that could be stealing your.
1- Spending money eating out.
It is better to budget time to cook meals you can carry than to eat on the run. Preparing your meals is not only healthier for you but usually less expensive. My daughter use to stop and buy her breakfast at McDonalds every morning on her way to work. I decided to buy fruits and breakfast meals she could carry. She was thankful and saved more money. Buying fast foods is not healthy and more expensive through out your life than you imagine. It can cause weight gain, heart issues from the fat that is stored in your body, which will raise your doctor visits as you get older.
Spending money eating out

2- Buying water or coffee..

Everyday Buying a case of water is less expensive than buying a bottle of water a day. You can spend as much as  $3 or much more for a bottle of water or you can buy a case of 24 bottles for $3. That is a huge savings that can go to the piggy bank and add up to a deposit on an MLM or a course or trainings you may need.

3- Shopping Additions…
Yes, buying clothes even items on sale can add up.  A lady  I am coaching  shops while waiting to pic up her son from his program. She says I save the gas by not going home after I drop him and then having to come back. BUT she thinks because she shops at a thrift store she is saving . But I had her write down what she spends for 2 weeks. She was shocked to see she was spending a lot more in clothes and it was causing a negative in her budget,  I suggested she find a gym in the area and invest in her health. She pays $9 a month for the gym. What a large savings
4- Not having a budget….
You want to know what it costs to live your lifestyle. The bills you pay mortgage, rent, car note, insurance, these are items that come every month. The variables are the water, gas, lights etc. Look at your totals monthly expenses. Ten look at your total monthly income. NOW where are you? Focus on a BUDGET and you will not spend frivolously.
5- Create a DREAM BOARD…..
If you have a DREAM Board it pulls you into a better future. It stops your focus of areas you lack. A Dream Board creates a positive energy that PULLS you while focusing on debt is energy that drains you.  Create a DREAM BOARD and watch your reality CHANGE Your money matters. Money Mastery Course is based on trainings that changed my finances. They are basic principles and tools that will change yours.   We invite you to let us help you  in taking control of your finances so you can be a MASTER over your money and not be ruled by it..
Money Mastery
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Wendy Lovejoy Mentor/ Trainer

Money Mastery Webinar

Money Mastery Webinar  is a week away and I am excited about you joining us. This webinar is LIVE and FREE.

The content will change how you think of your business and your money. Mastering your money mindset will transform your checking account balances… THAT is why I am doing this training.
A few people have asked me over the years, “Wendy when will you update Money Answers All?” And this is the answer: Money Mastery Course

In this webinar we will cover How you speak about money, Why you want to change what you speak, believe and the actions you should take so you can finally accomplish your goals
If you do not put your money to work your money will make you work. When you are slave to money your time is not your own.
This webinar is not about selling you it is about sharing the principles that work. We want you to leave this webinar with a gameplan to more money in your pocket instead of  on your bills.
webinar with a gameplan
I have been broke and now I am not. So I want to share the steps that will work. The steps I took and every person I know that had to overcome circumstances to create the lifestyle they want. I am not talking about the fake it until you make it life.
What would your life look like IF money was not the issue? What would do on a daily basis? Who would your friends be? Where would you live? Warren Buffett can live anywhere in the world but he lives in the cozy home he likes.  How would your life be different? Where would you dine? Or would you be able to go to the gym? Or a play ? Would you travel?
life is possibleThat life is possible.  IF you change how you think about money. Can I help you do that?  If your answer is yes then please join us on Wednesday May 25th @ 1pm EST. The details are on the website
You deserve  more money
Wendy Lovejoy Mentor/ Trainer

Keep Improving Your Skillsets

Keep improving your skillsets . Here are 5 steps that can help

1- Invest time IMPROVING what you do naturally.
If you are an actor you would take acting lessons. Some Real Estate Investors understand that improving their scripts is a major reason they close more deals. If you are a Pastor how you deliver your message makes a difference between your ministry growing or not. No matter how good you are at your skills improving them always improves your income
Keep Improving Your Skillsets 2- Work on mastering the skill of delegating the things you are not so good at..  
Hire people who are better than you are in the areas you struggle with.  There are so many people who try to do it all. Or they force themselves  to develop in areas they really have no passion to master. This is such a waste of time. Its  smarter to focus on mastering your natural skillsets.
3- Be willing to invest in a  person who will help you see things from a  different perspective .
A person who will hold you accountable and  support your personal and business development  growth.  It could be a Mentor or a Coach. Once you choose become coachable… Become coachable so they can help you get to the goals you want in 2016

4- Use your skillsets that is the only way to develop and strengthen them..
Muscles only grow when you work them. Its the same with skillsets they work as you use them. This is how you learn what needs development most. Ex: If you were a Real Estate Investor or Agent who uses scripts and dialogues. You will learn which dialogues and scripts you need help with because you may be great at Opening a conversation but not as good at Follow-up.. You may find it better to hire an administrator  than develop the right follow systems for your business goals.
LOVE the people you can help
5- LOVE the people you can help..
IF not they will feel it. Really choose the audience you feel will benefit from your skill sets. Then find the demographics  you will like and enjoy spending time with.  If you do not enjoy them no matter how much you earn it will be stressful. LEARN more at     We share a lot of great teaching tools

Here’s to your business success
Wendy Lovejoy  Business Transformation Coach/Mentor

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