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Success Scripts Scripts  are the best way to insure you stay on track in your business conversations including on Social Media.
Top Producers in Real Estate, MLM or Home based Businesses use SCRIPTS and we encourage you to do the same.
1-There is no easy way to make over the top pay checks. It takes improving your skills in every area, especially in the Scripts department. The Scripts help you show up in  conversations as professional and caring. You wont have to sell HYPE when you share that you care through your conversations… You wont fumble or get nervous when you know exactly what to say. You can focus on helping the prospect and yourself because you have mastered the scripts in the  Success Scripts ebook
You cannot build a business if you are too lazy to invest time in MASTERING the skillset of scripts.
Success Scripts ebook
2- Mastering scripts will not happen overnight. In the beginning try the scripts on Family and Friends and ask them to critique you. The better you are at accepting the areas you need to improve the quicker your sales will go up. My first go at using SCRIPTS sounded fake but my broker insisted I keep at it. Today I have taught THOUSANDS the value of Scripts and it has changed their income levels.
3-Take time to educate yourself. READ Success Scripts and write down the Scripts you want to master for the month. Take an index card and have them available so you can read them as you make your phone calls or as you interact on those you chat with online. They will not know you are reading… It will help you internalize the scripts so they come out naturally when are face to face with others
Money cannot buy you happiness
4-People are looking for the services you offer but they want to speak to someone who can hear their concerns and answer them professionally. Success Scripts allows that .  You will become more attractive in the Marketplace to those who are attracted to your Social Media sites.
5-The best way to BUILD your friends and follwers is to be seen as an authority then speak as a professional.  Your Scripts will help you make lots more money online.  Take just one script and add it to your marketing.. You do not want to sell online. The best way to grow an audience is to share at least 4 times before you use a Script that asks them to buy…. My mentor says drip drip drip drip DRIVE them to a product or service  That simply means you share vakuabke nformation 4 times then you drive them to a product or service.
6-There is a saying “Money cannot buy you happiness.”   But the funny thing is I never heard a person with money say that. Look around at your circumstances right now, what would or could be different IF you had more money?  Then take the time to grab your copy of Success Scripts ebook and get on our monthly role playing training call.. THAT one hour a month is a GAME-CHANGER for many and it will be for you as well
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Here is to you Success

Wendy Lovejoy, Mentor

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