Marketing Budget

A Marketing Budget is a priority to successful business owners.  In the beginning you will find a lot of ways to promote your business for free. There are ways to share your business strengths with one on one conversations. THAT is free. You can tell everyone you meet about your business in this manner. there  is sharing information about your business  on every Social Media  platform you can think of . Facebook LinkedIn and YouTube are free.  You can get great results from these platforms  if you know how to share your business properly on SOCIAL sites. Notice the word SOCIAL…There is a ratio of social to business posts you share to get the right responses.
8You can also join networking communities that have already collected the people you want to serve .  Then make a commitment to participate on a regular basis. There is a comfort level people have with someone they see on a regular basis in their community. This comfort level helps you have better rapport  with people and then they will  open up and work with you.
The above are FREE but to go to higher levels of income you will need to invest in marketing that costs. There smaller investments like flyers and brochures.  There may be business signs  etc . You can also invest in better quality business cards.
These items need a budget. You can start with a small amount and as your business grows then you can increase the amount
8You will never have a strong business focusing on only FREE marketing tools. To make more money you want to start asking yourself, “Where can I find the money to INVEST more money into  my marketing?’ If  not you will not make more money.
For the month of May I will be posting marketing tips at Wendy Lovejoy Coaching on Facebook and I will share more YouTube videos.
You can also email your questions and I will answer them through the my videos and posts.

Until then use the FREE platforms  BUT create a budget that causes you to stretch to make it happen. Then put that budget to use ONLY for Marketing and watch your business soar…
ASK me about the MARKETING PIE.. The 8 parts to marketing that work.
Here’s to your business success,

Wendy Lovejoy Mentor/Coach

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