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Do you work from home? Do you have a home based business? Do you want your business to succeed? work-from-home-blueprint-ebookChoosing a coach or mentor for your home based business can help you achieve business and personal success. Work with me if you want to learn how to communicate better, understand your strengths and natural skill sets, balance priorities and make effective presentations. Although there are hundreds of business coaches and mentors who offer their services it is advisable to choose the best so that you are able to benefit from their knowledge and experience.

Knowledge – The business coach that you select needs to have adequate knowledge and experience in business so they are able to guide you properly. Select a person who has many years of experience as a consultant so that you are assured of their skills and knowledge.
Testimonials and references – The best way to determine if a coach measures up is to check what other people have to say about them. Ask for references so that you are able to ascertain the type of service they offer.  Look for online testimonials of customers as they may be able to tell you about their knowledge and skills. Check for I Am a Mentor web badge 2013affiliations, awards or certificates that they have won. Can they help you achieve your goals and can they hold you accountable?
Fees – Discuss the fees with the coach clearly. Ask if there are any additional or hidden charges. Get specific details about the fees and the type of services it covers.

Check availability – Reputed coaches are busy as their services are sought by many home based businesses. Check the availability of the business coach before you shortlist them. You also need to remember that some coaches work only on weekends or evenings while others may work only for specific hours during the day. You can make the choice depending on your individual schedule and convenience. And what forms of communication they allow between client and coach.
Free consultation – Most business coaches offer a free consultation so that you are able to assess their style of coaching. This can help you choose wisely as you are able to determine whether they match your expectations. Do not choose a coach that does not match your specific needs and expectations. Or a coach that will not stretch you, keeping you in a comfortable zone will not get you closer to the financial freedom you desire.
A good coach may be able to instill discipline that is Mentors are like teachersnecessary to achieve a goal. Apart from this they may be able to provide you encouragement and support during difficult times. You may be able to benefit from the experience and insights of a coach. In the long run a coach will save you time and money.

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