Wealth Conditioned Mindset

Money Money Money…Some people have such value for that small piece of paper called money while others struggle to get it out of the way as an issue in their lives…a As a Business Coach I often have to help others change their attitude about money.

Years ago I was asked a question…What is the earliest thought about money you have?  I have two actually one was from my mom who kept more than one job raised 6 children and never did we lack for anything..Her bills were never late but they were never early..She gave up a lot and did the best she knew how to do with the hourly pay she received.  She even gave each child $5 a day 5 days a week fro lunch money…I often would come home on Fridays to see the furniture company J.Michaels coming to take the furniture she rented for the livingroom..But she always got there in time to stop them by making the payment..

My second thought was from my step-father Alvin Curry who taught me to save 10 cents have 10 cents for emergencies and 5 cents I could spend on anything I wanted..I learned to save and be prepared for emergencies..aaAs the oldest daughter of my mother, I was the one who always had a stash somewhere..I opened a bank account as soon as I could but before then I always had a hiding place or a savings jar in my bedroom..The same bedroom I shared with 2 younger sisters who never saved…

I learned to become a saver..Always taking of the security factors and never wanting to spend on the things that were just for me..

When I met my ex-husband Billy Williams I remember being excited I had my paycheck from Kentucky Fried Chicken and I wanted to go to Bakers shoe store in Kings Plaza Mall..I was a very naive teenager at the time..He was older than me and he had a Jaguar..He drove me to Kings Plaza and let me choose some shoes..They were grey t-strap shoes…They were not expensive…Billy asked the salesperson to give me every color and matching bags…When the salesperson rang them up he paid for them..As we walked out I learned another money lesson…aaaHe said all those shoes and purses will not last it would be wiser to INVEST a little more more and buy classic and better quality clothes they will last longer and you will look better..

If your money style is a SAVER also you find it hard to spend on  yourself..BUT you have to change the conditioning because it is STOPPING  your wealth attraction..In some ways it comes from a fear of security and show lack of faith..It is also a scarcity mindset and if you want abundance you cannot allow your mind to keep thoughts of lack..

Your mind only wants to be RIGHT if you think LACK your mind will attract lack to show you it has protected you and shown you your mind was right…You want to speak abundance and train your brain to see ALL or any of the positive and abundant experiences you have had..No matter how small because then your brain operates from abundance and therefore will want to prove you right by attracting MORE abundance..

During the holidays take a portion of your money and INVEST in something that can become passive income …Choose to write a book do a strong youtube video maybe invest in marketing tools for your business or even set money aside to get a property…These are some ways you can train your brain for abundance….aaaaaSTOP your brain from thinking I do not have it..If you take the time to write 10 positive affirmations like “I practice the habits of the wealthy and successful people.” Say it in the present tense and keep it constant in your mouth even if it feels unnatural..There more you speak it the more you will attract it..

If your money style is SPENDER practice saying “I am a great money manager.” A MONK can say “I am not a healer of other people wealth I heal my finances first..An AVOIDER can affirm. “I am in control of my finances and I face my finances daily.”   The one thing with your money whatever style you have you can learn to balance and condition yourself to have financial success..

aaaaThe decisions you make now will effect the lifestyle you have when you can no longer make choices for yourself..Imagine living beyond 65 and what lifestyle you want to have..Better yet imagine living until summer of 2014 what kind of summer do you and experiences do you meditate on for yourself and your family..If you do not take responsibility for conditioning your mind other factors will shape your thinking..In the beginning it is a battle in the mind but after a month or so it becomes a habit that will prove very profitable…

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