It is a new season and time to evaluate your goals and the lifestyle you want to achieve..Writing goals on a paperOne way is to write down a number you may be a little uncomfortable with..Do not let the figure cause fear..A leader mindset will now look at how can I make this number a reality.. If you ask that question your mind will attract the answers..

One way is to be open to starting your own home-based business..Another way is to be open to REAL ESTATE as a form of income..This is the perfect market to INVEST in Real Estate you can buy and hold..Yes there are areas right now where you can but houses for pennies on the dollar..It is the best time to buy and rent out..The RENTAL market is so attractive right now..People are loosing homes the banks still have some good inventory..

You may say you do not have enough knowledge on how to get started…First decide this is an option for you then get the information…As a Real Estate Broker in the New York area for many years…and a graduate of the Robert Allen  “No Money Down” seminars, I found Real Estate opened passive income at a rate other businesses did not..a

Even MLM’s do not offer the stability Real Estate does..You can always buy low and sell high..It is a tangible asset you can liquidate when you are ready…However more of the Real Estate success I meet are those that buy and hold the property for years..

You could purchase real estate anywhere in the United States right now and get a good deal..Most foreigners are realizing that America is a great place to buy property and they are building teams to be their eyes and ears for the deals they want in their portfolio.  If foreigners see the value you can also..It is a great way to build financial freedom..You get build a great legacy for your children with Real Estate.

One of my wealthiest friends never has to work a day in his life because his father purchased  lots of Manhattan Real Estate and passed it down to his children..a1You may not be able to INVEST in 5th Ave in Manhattan but you can start with  an affordable house you can rent out to cover the mortgage and add a few hundred dollars into your pocket when all expenses are paid..

Investing in Real Estate is not as hard as most people believe it is once the decision is made..You will attract the right training programs and coaches to get the deal done..I think connecting with a Mastermind group makes it easier to succeed and less expensive to learn.. Make sure you are open to critique and build a thick skin to emotional based decisions..If not you will loose a lot in this industry..The number must make sense..Be open to learning and building relationships in the field..I think once you have a coach or mentor you want a realtor, a lender an attorney. These are the primary people you want on your team..aa1

You then want to market yourself as an investor letting everyone know you buy and rent homes..It takes time but after a while you will be known as the real estate person and people will start finding you when they have a house to sell and a person who wants to rent.

This can become a lucrative stream of passive  income..Passive income is how you build financial freedom..Be open to at least getting the information before you close the door on the opportunity of freeing yourself from the 9 to 5..Real Estate Team Behind with Blonde Woman in Front Holding Keys and Sold For Sale Real Estate Sign Isolated on a White Background.

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I encourage you to make 2014 your year of #Real #Estate #Investing  and you can start now…

Here to help you have more success in 2013,

Wendy Lovejoy




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