If you are like so many in the MLM business you got started because you wantaed a change in your circumstances…You may be like the millions who come  into this industry using their last dollar..Sometimes even borrowing the money or using a credit card hoping the money will come in to cover your charges.. You took chances because someone told you you can recruit RESIDUALLY and get the financial freedom you desire..

Did you ever ask yourself “WHY DID YOU REALLY GET INTO THIS BUSINESS?’ or now that you are in “HOW DO YOU GROW THIS BUSINESS?’…These are good questions and good questions get good answers flowing in your mind..I ask you have you ever played any sports or taken dance lessons?  You had to practice and you practiced for hours.. Now that you have this home-based business you will need to do the same. This is how you recruit RESIDUALLY,  you practice on people…Most are afraid to speak to people until they get perfect but the problem is you can only get perfect by practicing on people…

job interviewIf you look at it as practice and not waiting for perfection then you will not get attached to the outcome and you will become proactive in building your income.. As you speak to people you will recruit RESIDUALLY without trying..You will start paying attention to the ones that want to work with you and not the ones that do not see this for themselves.. As you speak to others your confidence and your skills improve..

When it comes to recruiting RESIDUALLY there are mistakes so many make in the first few years of their business..they will not upgrade the very thing they will need to grow their business, which is the business conversation, their dialogue..successThis is a very easy thing to fix if you will learn more scripts and practice the same scripts that have helped so many become top producers…There is a proven system and we share it in the Success Scripts or the 2 set cd I came up with called Dialogue with a Platinum conversations that deliver..

The other 2 mistakes I see so many make that stops them from recruiting RESIDUALLY is the do not focus on getting as many leads as possible..They HUNT that one person who may be good fro their business because they believe if this person were to get it they would make a huge contribution to their business..Or they try to do this business without a mentor because the person that signed them did not show them what they needed to know nor did they give them a system to succeed..They were not given the truth of how their up-line really made it up the compensation plan.

These are 2 mistakes that can be changed even if your up-line sideline or down-line is not willing to work as hard as you do…I will share that in the next post….But it is all about working smart and NOT hard…Learn to recruit RESIDUALLY  and you will not regret it…Businesswoman standing on a ladder looking through binocularsIt is take less time to learn to do it correctly than it does to do it wrong then come back and fix it..It takes less cash to invest in the tools and products you need to grow your business and in a mentor or business coach to help you transform your business and lifestyle than it does to pay for leads or pay for products you take longer to sell because you will not invest in  time saving money making habits that will increase your income and credibility in your industry…No matter what MLM you have chosen I do not bash other companies, I can show you how to recruit RESIDUALLY .

If you want to become remarkable at recruiting and earn the awards your company offers then lets get you moving in the right direction..Be humble and be pro-active…ASK for the help you need even if you do not know what help you need, reach out..There are a lot of ways to get FREE information that can change how you BUILD your business..You can build it to stand or you can build it to fall when you are not around..MLM-Recruiting-Tips-538x218 If every move in your business only happens because of you then you want to master how to recruit RESIDUALLY  now before you put in another year and see no growth.. It is so much easier and more profitable to slow down and rebuild to last.

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