Leadership Mastery

wLeadership…Is a learned skill..It is a self developing skill set..Leadership means you have to lead you more than you will lead others..As a leader there will be lessons that come in unexpected ways and they can make you want to quit or make you go for it harder. Leaders develop their resiliency and their why to a level others do not usually understand..

As a leader you master handling situations others believe will break you..You master handling your emotions and focusing on your prize..A leader learns to notice other leaders and help them grow while non leaders take bad experiences internally. They do not see their behavior says more about them that the so called bad experience.

Leaders learn to watch and observe more than speak..You see people react differently to the same situations and that is how you learn who is the upcoming leader. wwI have learned that most bad experiences come right before you are elevated especially when you handle the situation without letting the situation handle you. Bad experiences teach you your maturity level as well as the level of the  people around you…It never points out your self worth..It points out where you still need developing and what you have mastered.

Your worst does not define you your best does. Tell yourself this is what I still have to master or this is the system I now have to put in place…But never let a bad experience in business or team building define you as a failure Do not wallow in the moment and make it last a year..Big your big girl/boy pants and work it out..Motivate yourself to get back on track.

Any bad experience could be worse and only you can make it better by making it not be more dramatic than it needs to be.www Every bad experience can be a teaching to your team that can make it easier for them not to go down the same road. Ben Franklin had a lot of bad experiences that helped him finally develop the light bulb..I see each bad experience as God telling me I need to go in another direction or at least telling me that this way WILL NOT work or will no longer work.

Leadership Mastery of bad experiences is a must to become a top producer..wwwwYou will loose a lot more than you win  ” Or to put it another way, as longtime baseball manager Casey Stengel did: “You gotta lose’m sometimes. When you do, lose’m right.” Loosing them right is learning from the experience…

Life is about growing and helping others grow..Every experience comes to take you to the next level….learn to master handling the letdowns as a leader they become part of the building process..

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Here to help you have more success in 2013…

Wendy Lovejoy


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