Brand ME Basics

aIn business whether you work for self and MLM a corporation etc, you want to understand that YOU are a brand..Most people can see Oprah as a brand they even see Coke as a brand but they do not see themselves as a brand..BUT YOU ARE….

No matter where in business you are, you may be at the thinking about it stage to the I have been in business for many years remember you have to develop your brand and market it.. It is not as hard as most people think it is…As a Real Estate Broker, a Founder of a Women’s Ministry, a National Director in an MLM or as a Business Coach I have learned to brand me…

aaYou see when you brand you no matter where you go those that follow your brand will follow..ever notice some people get others to follow them no matter what they are doing? It is because they have created a brand..You can criticize the Kardagians but KIM has created a brand..And even those that have an opinion of her follow..

You can create the same BRANDING no matter where you are in your life or business…I offer a monthly training program that has helped so many start heart centered businesses and build their brand..aaaI have used the same systems and processes to help organizations to re-brand themselves or start a new brand.. It is a process you can invest and get a great return back..

Some of my clients include GaREIA, Michelle Roberts of Roberts Travel, Minding Your Manhood, The JumpZONE, and many others…including  Dj Johnny Hansum, Young Money Cartel,, and the lists keeps growing..I recently started coaching Dr. Renata Hannah of the military and Legal shield… I coach a lot of MLM’s such as Legal Shield, It Works, Primerica,Mary Kay, Avon, Organo Gold and so many others…Branding is the way to go…aaaa

I encourage you to think about what your goals are in business..Then you want to look at who you help why you help and how you help…Then look at what you can get brand off the ground…

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Here to help you have more success in 2013,

Wendy Lovejoy


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