Leaders Cannot Lead Victims



In life there are just two types of people the victim and the victor… One believes their life KEEPS getting worse and the other believes life keeps getting better..One believes everything is a scam the other sees  opportunity… Both effect your confidence level.

Victims believe they have a lot of haters and they talk and focus on their haters the victor believes in the opposite.. They believe they can make it happen.

I encourage you as a leader to pay close attention to whose company you allow…The company you keep determines the mindset you take on. The victim has a very draining energy level..Life is pitiful, they usually are critical and ungrateful they have more fear. The victim feels like they cannot make it because they never get a fair break. They are sometimes defiant and spiteful..

q4The  victim allows life to control their schedule..They allow it in the form of family or the next shiny object..They do not have control; of their time because they have a powerless mindset. This is often a self sabotaging mindset.. It is visible even in their marketing materials..They use a harder sell they promote from a struggle and a scarcity mindset..

On the other hand the victor has an abundant mindset..They speak I can do this and not I need you to make me do this…. They do not connect because of need they connect because they see a win win.. The victor is energetic powerful and positive. They are grateful  happy.. The victor is ambitious cooperative and in it to win it..They are reliable and honest..They move from a mindset of overflow..they believe they can get theirs because there is more than enough for all of us..The victim will say ‘I can’t make it because all the ones on the top already took it all…There is none left for me in that pyramid thing.”

q2I ask you to take stock of who is around you..You want people who see you grow and move forward not the yes man who does see the giant in you..They hold you back by encouraging the kitten in you and not the lion..You see that is also a victim mentality…It is not profitable it is energy draining..No matter how great of a leader you are if you build on the victim side you will last long…It is hard to lead people who feel entitled and want to be acknowledged for doing for doing very little..You want to build your business on the victor side it has a higher level of positive and abundance attracting energy..Leaders are attracted to leaders who exude the  we are victorious attitude.. It is a pulling energy not a draining pushing energy.. It has a higher level vibration..

As a leader you want to get to the point where you remove yourself from the negative energy.. You want to get to the point where you want all your time spent around those that are positive and willing to pull out the giant in you.. The more you live on the victorious side the ;less you will feel comfortable any place else..

The victorious welcome victors but the victim cannot handle it because it shows them a weakness in them they are not ready to work on yet.


Wendy Lovejoy Coaching


3 thoughts on “Leaders Cannot Lead Victims

  1. Outstanding post. I am definitely concentrating on surrounding myself with victors. As the saying goes, “to the victor goes the spoils!” I am going to also make sure that my time is spent wisely between personal obligations and business obligations. Thank you for this post.

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