4-15-2013 11-43-44 PMHave you really decided you want a change in your business results?   THEN,  This is from the desk of Wendy Lovejoy just for you. I  am always looking for the next person who wants to take their business to the limit. If you are that person I  want to personally work with you. Help you increase the balances in your bank account  by helping you develop the right skill sets.

If you take the first step to  choose a program and get started then schedule your “STRATEGY SESSION”  which could take 20 to 45 minutes.  You will end up with a better direction of where to find the correct audience,because we have analyzed your business and you get specific guidance. It is not a cookie cutter ONLY program.

At the end of our first discussion you will see one of three things happen 1- You will have a a real plan YOU can implement on your own. If this is what you choose then I will bless your decision.

Or, 2- You will love the plan and how our programs work. In this case you will choose to work with me. You will get  hands on assistance to help you maximize your current situation and start seeing a real difference in your profit margin a lot sooner. If you choose number 2 it will allow you to join the group of my  “HAPPY CLIENTS.” These are clients who have gotten results from my “TAKE ACTION” work ethic.

But if you are #3, The person who wants to blame others for their situation but do nothing to change it  Then you will not see this as a good fit for you..You see I help those that have made a decision to put their head  to  the ground and put in full effort to knock it out the park when it comes to their business.  They just need the right coach or mentor to hold the accountable to the correct action plan. A coach that cares and shows it.This program is the closest to  “free”  you will get because it is AFFORDABLE. Yet as affordable as it is there are assignments that will get you the results some pay thousands or more for. You will achieve higher  levels of   income. And like many others you will enjoy the program and the group of people you are connecting to that  you will stay around for years.

There are programs as low as $33 a month to over $1500 a month depending on the program you choose.  I am confident I can BOOST your business . I can give you a plan in our first conversation that will be a huge  “AHA” moment for  you and how you do business. You will see the value before we end our first conversation.  I will take it a BOLD step further and say you will SEE your business in ways you have not until our conversation.

The stuff I teach really works and I have had years of trying it  and so have my clients.. I know you can transform your business if you are willing. I have put in over 15 years of being an entrepreneur and finding out the systems that work and the sequence to implement. You  benefit  from my years of trail and error.

This is why I can be picky on who I  work with. You have to have a real desire to become a LEADER and a successful business owner. You have to be willing to throw out your old mindset and become coachable  while taking massive action in your own business intervention. You see people do not pay for coaching but they do pay for results. The results come when you put in the right sequence of actions. That is what I deliver. But you have to actually do the work. You also have to give it time.. You will need to commit to a certain amount of hours you INVEST in your business success..

If you said yes to the requirements and have made a real deposit by clicking the buy now button the next thing that happens is your Strategy Session and your  Welcome Letter.. This will be followed by the Schedule of the Month Letter, which will outline what the focus is for the month.

if you see value in becoming a  subscriber to the FOUNDATION PACKAGE Coaching program then lets make it happen

You may enjoy what some of our other clients say about us

Edward Warren to be honest I have to agree  for those who didn’t make the call  get on now  because it is  great   Wendy does not pay me to promote her but the way her coaching has changed my life I am happy to share  I got on her coaching..I am also happy to call her my LIFE coach and FRIEND.  She stretches me and I am EXCITED about the direction my business and life have taken since we met

Ruby Thomas I can appreciate the intimate setting of the training. We cover a lot of ground and I get the layered marketing styles. I am trying to retain my excitement so I may be effective in implementation. This program has really shifted my thinking. Im exicted about the direction of my business again. Thanks for treating me like an adult in control of my Destiny. It helps a lot. I look forward to our one on one and the next coaching call.
Birthing a Business Coaching has helped me start a business that was in my heart for over 10 years. I had a desire to teach children the fundamentals of organized jump rope but was unsure of how to turn my passion into an actual program. When I met Wendy during a training she offered for my primary business, I shared the idea with her and got started with the coaching right away.
Latrice Jackson wrote:
I have received so much value from the coaching. Wendy’s step-by-step approach made the process seamless for me as a new business owner. She takes pride in providing each client with the necessary tools and resources that will work best for their individual business or program. This has allowed me to truly set myself apart.
I am so grateful to have connected with Wendy and joined Birthing a Business Coaching. Because of it, I am no longer sitting on the idea of possibly starting my youth program. I have birthed The Jumpzone and  am now in a position to teach our youth successful lifestyle habits (leadership, teamwork, sportsmanship and fitness) through the art of  jumping rope. Wendy, your training is priceless and I am thankful to be connected with you. May God continue to bless you and  use you as a blessing to many others. Thank you.
Latrice S. Jackson, Founder
The Jumpzone
3401 Courthouse Road
Richmond, VA
Daryl Royster  5linx National Director wrote:
My experience with Wendy LoveJoy has been the best challenge of my working career. You see if you have never had a coach then you are really doing yourself a disservice. Think about it, in every sport and any true profession you need to have a coach. Someone who will push you, when necessary to do your best. Someone who will guide your training so you don’t hurt yourself. And someone who knows when the game is on the line who to call on to get things done. Well that’s what Wendy has done for me with her coaching program.She really cares about her clients.  It’s intellectually challenging, strategically sound and fundamentally superior, if you want to get your business off the ground, or get it moving in the right direction. Thank you Wendy for the opportunity to work with you. Because of your coaching my business will never be the same!
Shannon Williams of  wrote: 
I am honored to have Wendy Lovejoy as my mother and business coach..I always had people walk up to me and ask me hair questions.  They asked from color to weaving and  how my hair is so thick and ling even though I wear weaves.My coach Wendy Lovejoy’s   FOUNDATION PACKAGE helped me take my love of hair and turn it into a business.
I followed her coaching to the tee and you can see my results as you visit my Social Media sites.
Thanks Wendy I love my hair online business.
Dream Williams


So if you think this is a good fit for you then click BUY Now  and lets get started. This program is very affordable and we do not know what the price will be as the demand is growing everyday because of the results we help you gain
See you in the group as we help you succeed in business this year
Wendy Lovejoy
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