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In today’s society we have so many elderly that are struggling through life.  It saddens my heart. We see statics saying that everyone is living longer yet having a harder time affording very day life necessities….

o2I am not sure what the situation is in  your country but as I travel through the United States I see that Americans are reorganizing by force.  There was a time you could work 40 years,  pay off the mortgage and leave a home to your surviving heirs.   Now people are loosing homes. You never know when you could walk into your job and find you have been terminated because your position is not affordable to your employer.

I watched a PBS Special Report on the state of our elderly in this season of their lives.  There are so many 70 plus adults having to take jobs that they never thought they would need just to survive.    They are greeters, cashiers even lifting items in stores that could effect their health in ways that will cause more health &  financial damage.

You may say I am in my twenties or thirties so this does not affect me.  But they were once your age with the same beliefs you share. Then time passed before they knew it they were retired but now working for substandard wages full time when they should be relaxing and enjoying life.Plenty of old people realise they can remain socially connected through backup roles

They have had to find ways to eat less and cut down on bills. After years of working 40 hours a week or more. They have raised families. They may even be faithful in the churches of their choice but now they are struggling.  All because they did not understand how to prepare for living as long.  You see the experts  say now  the best way to PREPARE for your retirement  is to invest in your own business.

The new trend now  is to make your income by working from home. You can determine what you earn..There are training  programs and full team support. You can often start immediately.. There are many turn key businesses that take VERY LITTLE cash on your part.  You can even set up a schedule that works best for you. You can often get the funds you need fast for those unexpected bills. There are simple steps that you can get as much as $1500 in about thirty days.

You will build new relationships and activities that will not happen in the job market available to you otherwise.  No matter what your age or financial status you can change it with the WORK FROM HOME offers.  I encourage you to explore the possibilities @ and if you have any questions or need further help leave a message in my comment box…I will get back to you as soon as I receive it.o6

The truth is even in  this RECESSION there are options.  You have choices but you need to find out what they are. You need to get full disclosure and guidance.  Then make decisions… Prepare for a better future now time flies and you do not want to find yourself working when you really need to be slowing down.

I have helped more elderly and as many young use WORKING FORM HOME  as a successful option to adding needed income.  I have a few success stories but one that comes to mind is a woman in her late 70’s with a son who is mentally challenged and lives with her. She has used this vehicle to add over a thousand a month to her income her first month…And it went up from there..She only works part time from her home. She was given a system that works.  What if your story was like hers or even better..It is possible . Let’s get together and go over the options.

I look forward to hearing from you…

Wendy Lovejoy


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