Dress for Success : Spring

facebook flyerIt is Springtime and the eyes are on you. You have so many networking events to attend.   If none are on your calendar you want to add as many as possible. Remember you want to dig the well BEFORE you run out of water. In other words you want to spread the news about your business BEFORE you need the clients.

1- Be sure you have a clear message. A message your audience will understand in less than one minute.  You may not have too much time to explain your offer. in a networking setting, so have your elevator speech prepared.

2- Be sure you are joining groups that will benefit from the expertise you bring.  The groups that already have collected the people you solve a problem for.  Once you join a couple of these be a regular at the events they share.  Get to know people at these events before you “verbal vomit” all over them about your business. You will get better results if you ” drip”  on them a little at a time about your business

3- Show up to serve more than showing up to GET. People can tell when you have $$$ signs in your eye and not really concerned about them at all.  Show up participate and be helpful.. Build some relationships.

4- You also may consider some of your own events such as conference calls, one day seminars or gatherings. The goal is to keep your name in front of your audience. It builds credibility and trust.  When you share even when they are not buying when they NEED what you offer they will buy it from you.  This is not wasted time it is invested time that brings back HUGE rewards.

istockphoto_5747908-business-group-portrait5-This the other major factor in how your business is affected, yes, YOUR APPEARANCE.  For men a good hair cut, manicured nails  and a  nice dark suit makes a big difference. There are specific business looks for men such as  business, business casual and casual that you want to keep in your closet. For women it is just as important to get your hair done. Invest in the time and money it takes to look your best. Then you will attract the best..If you wear a weave visit www.aspoiledbratshair.com.   They have great 100% Virgin Brazilian & 100% Virgin Malaysian Hair.. They educate you on hair and will mail it to your door, They will also free up your time by selling quality hair that does not shed or tangle so  you do not have to visit the salon as much.  There are certain things like a good fitting black skirt every woman should have in their closet.

6- Pay attention to the IMAGE you are putting out there. It will determine who you end up attracting to your business.  You can  join us April 25,2013 for a FREE  tele-class sharing how to upgrade your business image.. We have a top notch image consultant Missouri of Keaton Row… The Future of personal Styling   www.keatonrow.com/stylist/missourieddings  We will be sharing so much more with Missouri and Dream of the ON-line GLAM SQUAD on upgrading your image and dressing for success now.

7- It takes time to get where you want to go.. Put together a game-plan to get there. Every decision you make takes you further away or closer to your desires.  Be patient with yourself but have goals outlined. Then take the steps to achieve them.. It is possible to live the life you design for  yourself and those you love.

Here’s to your success in 2013,

Wendy Lovejoy



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