productionHave you joined or started a business and heard you will NOT have to sell you only need to expose people  to or share information?

As a business owner you have to upgrade your skill-sets as a salesperson. If not you will NOT attract others to BUY what you offer.

Have you ever experienced the following?

1-You shared your sales pitch with some-one and thought you were doing great, then you call then back and they will not answer the phone?

2-You run out of people in your WARM market?

3- You approached some business owners you know and they give you the brush off

4- You start conversations well as long as you  were chit chatting but you just don’t know how to share your business offer?

5- You made a list but no-one is buying?

6- You cannot get the person you are speaking with to a live meeting?

7- You know some people that will be perfect  for your business opportunity and you know  they can afford it but you just do not feel they will buy from you

8- You work harder than anyone else but  you see others  getting the closings and you never seem to get any buyers or distributors?The next question is,  How long will you stay in this position when there is a solution? Are you hungry enough for success to become a TOP PRODUCER?

There is a difference between the amateur  and the Top Producer. The amateur will never make the income or live the lifestyle of the Top Producer UNTIL they upgrade some skill-sets like business conversations.

To get from the average lifestyle to the dream life.  I had to study a lot of To Producers THEN imitate what they did to get the same results.  I’ve been spending a lot of time interviewing, working with, watching and then duplicating what I saw. I even asked some of their clients and customers why they chose the Top Producer and they usually answered with He/she knew what they were talking about and they addressed my needs. Top Producers know what the amateur  does not. They have studied the sales techniques including psychology and have used scripts enough to know which one will work in any situation. They learn how to connect with the prospect in ways that only those who put in the time to master scripts can connect. A Top Producer thinks I want more tools that will take my skills to the next level. The Top Producer does not say why should I pay for this they say WHERE do I pay for this and can I pay now? You see a Top Producer realizes they have to layer their tools to succeed. A amateur  says I already have something to deal with that  issue I don’t to  give them my money for another one of those books  The Top Producer will click the BUY NOW button and get the Success Scripts.

This book will give you the mindset of a Top Producer as well as the scripts that will take your sales conversation to the comfort level. You also get a FREE monthly call to role play the scripts and go over your specific sales experiences so you can get even more dialogue.

I have spent over 15 years in the sales field and I know what it takes to master the techniques that will keep your sales pipeline flowing.  I can show you the mistakes the amateur makes that the Top Producer has learned to eliminate from their business conversations.  The Top Producer has a higher level of believe and confidence and I will help you get there. I will help you eliminate the negative thoughts that keep you  in average income mode. You will learn how to control and redirect the conversations with your prospects. Turn around your average business and become a Top Producers.  In this book I have shared Social Media  &  emails scripts  that are effective for getting appointments.    You get scripts for  conversations with family members so you are attracting them to your offer and not repelling them.  You also get scripts to move your sales tams and much much more.

So get your instant access now just click here and BUY NOW and get your ebook & unlimited training calls that will change your sales conversations for the better.

Other books and similar trainings are sold for $97 to $297 but you get it HERE for $35….

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Here’s to your success 2013,

Wendy Lovejoy

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