Are You Hungry Enough?

diet_motivation_magnet_stop_are_you_really_hungry-p147974185526381120z85qu_400This is a very POWERFUL question, Are you HUNGRY enough?  Are you as hungry as the Top Producers are when they get started? Are you hungry enough to BELIEVE in YOUR dream?

Are you hungry enough to ignore the skeptics.  The ones with good reasons why you should STOP chasing your dream and be content. Or are you as hungry as I was to see my dreams come to life that I believed in the promises of the mentors and coaches I chose even as others laughed at me?

Are you hungry enough to INVEST in your dream and not choose only the help you can get for free? Are you hungry enough to invest in the tools and trainings you need to get your business off the ground properly?

Are you as hungry as I was when I invested $3000 I did not have to go to my first Robert G. Allen seminar many years ago where I ended up meeting more entrepreneurs and being exposed to dreaming bigger.Are you as hungry as I remember being when I re-arranged everything on my schedule and invested over $5000 to attend a Mike Ferry seminar years ago to learn all I could to take my real estate office  to the next level and ended up meeting realtors that became friends for life. As well as spending some time with a mentor that has been a strong  influence in every business I started since then because he taught me systems not people  get  result you can duplicate.

I had to become hungry enough to make decisions others thought were  waste of . money. Decisions that family friends, coworkers, church members and everyone else thought was crazy but changed my life forever and my lifestyle.

So  let me ask you are you hungry enough to believe in investing $27 a month to for a program that will transform  you & your business?

Are you as hungry as Latrice Jackson  from Virginia who closed her eyes and invested for 6 months and was able to take a business she had buried in her heart and allow us to help her get it to the public.  Teaching children to use jump rope as a tool to build life long  skills and relationships.  Are you as hungry as Edward Warren  who put his emotions to the side and changed his life month after month with this simple program.?

There are so many more who within months changed their future and enjoy more possibilities for themselves and those they love.  I could share more  testimonials of those who were  HUNGRY enough to try this coaching  program and get results. If they did not get results we would not exist . You see they are becoming  business owners that are bringing value to the world.

We turn your hungry enough into the propelling ingredient to your success..So now ask yourself are you hungry enough to get real results no matter what those negative voices in your head are saying?

I know how you feel I was there a few years ago but had to make some decisions others did not understand UNTIL they saw the effects and increased income.  Most are glad they take the coaching and you will be too.

I am anxious to hear your. I am hungry enough story when we connect.for the coaching.. Go to the website www.moneyanswersallnow and visit the products page to get started.

Here’s to your success in 2013

Wendy Lovejoy


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One thought on “Are You Hungry Enough?

  1. Thank you Wendy, am anxious to hear am hungry enough story. I will soon take up the challenge and make the monthly contributions for the. Coaching clinic because its change that I need in my life. I have reached the point of no return.
    God bless the work of your hands,

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