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We have a long and successful track record of helping motivated individuals just like you achieve all of their financial and lifestyle goals. That’s because the 5LINX® opportunity combines the best features of direct sales and franchising.

In fact, 5LINX® is quickly emerging as the greatest success story in the direct sales industry. This is the result of over 10 years of unwavering commitment to our five basic principles: VISION, INTEGRITY, OPPORTUNITY, FREEDOM, and SUCCESS.

r8According to the Direct Selling Association, over 67 million people have made a career in direct selling, generating $118 billion dollars in income. In the last 10 years, the direct selling industry has exploded, allowing more and more people to work from home, and giving them control over their time, income and financial future. As you will see from the stories of some of our most successful representatives, 5LINX® is on the forefront of this emerging revolution. Just click  http://www.5linx.net/joycomm  to learn more about how 5LINX® has helped many individuals pursue their dreams and build life-changing wealth.

You can also leave your comments and contact information and I will get back to you as soon as I can.  The more information you have before you make a decision the better the decision will be.

I love most that you can have a great team to support and mentor  your success.  We have done this for many..There are options to creating the lifestyle you want..Seriously consider this one.

You can make your next paycheck a check you earn from the comfort of your home with a schedule that compliments the life you live.. You do not stop living to succeed with us,  you simply add a few steps to the life you are currently living and you will see more cash at the end of your month.r2

No matter where you live this opportunity CAN be profitable…You can earn anywhere  from $200 to over $100,000 a month..You decide.  You can create your wealth from home and have time for the things you love to do. You can work part time or full time. You can  receive weekly and monthly checks. You can do this in addition to something else or you can choose to earn your income solely from this home based business offer.

We have FREE trainings going on in many neighborhoods across America,  Canada,  Puerto Rico and more.

You can start right away if you choose to.. This can make a huge difference in how your months will end.  You can either dream about financial freedom or you can take action to EXPERIENCE it.  It can become your reality.

r10Those that are succeeding with this opportunity are no different from you they just simply made a decision and became coach-able enough to learn a system. Then they learned all they could and had the drive to change by taking a few new steps.. You will see things change as you go forward and become happier.  You see the traditional way of a perfect job no longer exists..The depression and anxiety comes from fighting the trend of starting your own work from home business and hoping some-one will hire you.

You have to deal with your financial situation and this is a no brainer because you are already using all the products and services.  Now the extraordinary experience will come when you connect with my team. Open the door on the potential of what the good life offers.

Let’s connect on twitter @moneyanswersall  or facebook @ Wendy Lovejoy Coaching..or @ http://www.5linx.net/joycomm

Here to help you succeed,

Wendy Lovejoy



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  1. They move to the next thing they see that seems
    better not a good idea at all. Donna Allen lives in Grand Prairie, Texas as President and CEO of Pre – Prosper Inc.
    But if you go to video of the opportunity pitch, you’ll
    see that they show mansions and luxury cars.

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