What are Success Script$?

197592_3749318710128_2059723993_nI have found that the number one mistake that newbies make is by trying to pitch a product or service. They feel the more they know about the product or service the better they will be able to sell it. No matter how many times they hear people do not care what you know until they know you care.

1. You will have more closed sales when you  study and practice scripts.Scripts allow you to have a smoother conversation because you are not worrying about what you have to say next..You have a prepared answer so your focus can be on listening to what the prospect is saying.


2. Learn to use words like thanks and please in your script..Words like Miss or Sir are very useful in showing respect. The more polite you are the easier it is to have some-one want to speak with you. In this economy of rough times for many people are doing more research before they buy from anyone. You want them to choose you , being polite is very engaging.

3. Listening more than you speak. Have you ever been to the doctor? No matter what the issue is you have to answer a lot of questions before he answers you.  Then after you answer a lot of written questions the doctor will ask them  again in conversation. The doctor does this to make sure your answers are the same so you can be prescribed what will best fit your situation.

4. Focus on engaging your audience with what’s in it for them. The product sells more when you can show the benefit to the person more that pushing the products because you have a quota to reach. I often get people on Social Media who may not even know me or know me very little lead  the conversation with “Can you help me out and do me a favor I just need one more customer and I will get my bonus.” My question is always how selfish is that, this person is only concerned with they want and not at all concerned with `do I need or want what they are selling.

5. Don’t rely on luck or that people will buy because this is the hottest new gadget or service. You want to go in prepared because you practiced your scripts. You know how to communicate with confidence and positive energy  You also build a better reputation when you are prepared.  How would you feel if your doctor said  I went to school but I never practiced the techniques of the surgery, however I know I will make you better. I am sure you would run out of there. That is the same way  your prospect  feels when they hear dialogue you have not taken the time to practice.

6. Be consistent and use the scripts daily. It may feel uncomfortable but as you keep using them it becomes a lot easier and more natural. You know Michael Jordan was not wanted in the school basketball team he was told he was not good enough. He went home and practiced. He was not comfortable with the basketball at first but today he is the standard of excellence in that field.  In any sales industry whether offline or online scripts are as important as a basketball is to a basketball player. They must become part of you daily conversation

7. When you purchase the book of Success Script$ read the whole book. Choose to practice all the scripts. The best practice on a live audience. You will gain more skills and improve your closing ratio. Give yourself some time for the scripts to become natural in the conversation. In other words be patient and go at a steady pace.Also once you have a confirmation you purchased the Success Script$ you will be invited to join us on a monthly role playing scripts only call.

If you want to increase your income this year, then put some effort in improving your sales conversation with scripts that bring success. The TOP PRODUCERS spend more time mastering dialogue because they understand the value of good business conversations.

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Here’s to your success this year,.

Wendy  Lovejoy

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  1. I am very excited about these scripts as they will teach me what to say and how to effectively communicate. Just recently I used one of the scripts with a person that I befriended on Facebook and because of the approach I have been able to connect with other successful people that this person knows. Thanks Wendy for sharing these scripts and I look forward to reading the rest of them!

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