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bussiness-alignmentHave you made the goals at the beginning of the year like most of us have? I have to share that I coach a lot of people and speak at a lot of webinars,  teleseminars etc and already two months into the year so many are already off track to achieve their goals.

The great thing is you can evaluate somethings and prioritize to get back on track.  I want to share the areas you have  to look at to get yourself moving in the right direction.

1- WHY are you doing this?  Yes what is your inner core centered WHY? If your why is not in alignment with the goals you have set, you will not reach them.. Your heart will not be in it.. The slightest obstacle will make you quit. You will look for the reasons to support not moving forward.. But if your why is REAL and from your heart  IF  it is something bigger than a bill you will stick it out UNTIL you achieve it.

2-Your environment  plays a huge role in your success or failure  Are you around an environment that keeps speaking against your goals?. Have you organized  your home to support your possibilities? Is your home a place that is reflecting where you say you are headed?  If  not what can you do about it? You want to address the issues  then put the structure in place you need to support your goals.

3-Your relationship they say the five people you hang around  will tell you where you will end up in life. This is critical that you start spending more time with those who feed and fuel your goals and not kill them.  What do you feel like after spending time with certain people? Do you talk about a better future and how to attain it or do you just sit around complaining?  Who are my five main relationships  right now & will I want what they have as the testimony of my life? What mindsets do I need to change to succeed?

4-New mindset is critical to transformation. If there is no transformation the are no real changes. The mind is where it all starts.. You want to know there is an awesome life waiting for you. that is better than what you have. However, you have to change your beliefs to change your actions so you can experience it. You have heard it a million times  Albert Einstein said” Doing the same old thing expecting different results is the definition  of insanity..”   There are great books , cd’s,  blogs and so much information  that will renew your mind available to you.  Start now.

5.Upgrade your skills to ensure you are not holding yourself back from the things you want. Your skill sets can change the business success and lifestyle experiences. This is the area that  will influence what systems and strategies you implement. Your skill sets will also influence which coach or mentor you choose to hear. They determine how you work with clients customers and representatives.  Upgrade your skills consistently.

Give yourself time to align these areas of your life. The more you align the better your chance of reaching the goals. This is a great exercise for the goal minded achiever. And a compliment to getting your life and business in order is the powerful book  “Money Answers All Now”  so you can align your thinking and finances through developed habits..Grab your copy now. Go to

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Here’s to your success in 2013

Wendy Lovejoy

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