Your Mindset to Business Ownership

I often wonder if people realize there is a PROCESS to success. It does not happen overnight.  Most people see the BMW a Bentley or maybe a few stacks of hundred dollar bills and they see that as success… Somehow that is not attractive to those who are serious about LONG TERM wealth..

In America we have SO MANY ways to succeed and it is at the finger-tips of so many.  However, I realize as a person who has NOT had a job since I was 16 years old there is a mindset that employees have that entrepreneurs run from.

If you have made a DECISION to CHANGE your finances for REAL then that is HALF the battle..The next is getting you to BElieve you CAN be successful and then work on getting you to  CHANGE some of your  DAILY habits.

You will have to INVEST time & money to push forward to the life you want.. So lets start with a few minutes of what life do you WANT to create .Picture it feel,  it smell it and savor the thought of a life where money is NOT an issue.  How would you live it???  Now add some pictures  to  your DREAM BOARD and watch how  that will PULL you toward it.  Make it a habit to LOOK at that DREAM BOARD daily..Because the life you meditate on is the LIFE you create.. Your brain assumes THAT is what you really want   and STARTS TO WORK ON IT

So get excited about the potential and possibilities of YOUR FUTURE

Then try to FOLLOW a specific system your company offers..You may have to CONNECT with a leader in your company that has BUILT their business the way YOU want to BUILD yours.  This will eliminate some STRUGGLING in your business.. But don’t just STUDY what they TEACH STUDY  what they  DO…

Understand the  TOP  5 money making activities in your INDUSTRY not just your company..Now how much have you mastered…Start with what you are strong at NATURALLY and do not focus on what is your weakest right NOW.  (WE WILL TALK ABOUT THAT ANOTHER DAY)   Next  prioritize what needs to be done and schedule it in DAILY until it BEcomes a HABIT….

Most  MLM  partners make $8000 or LESS  a year now look at what they did and do NOT do it….You must do what the successful are doing. Most add their business INTO their lifestyle..They do whatever their top 5 money making actions are  daily.. If your company pays you to get customers do you schedule going out to GET customers or do you add  getting customers to every thing you have on your schedule…EX: Do you go to the cleaners, hair salon or supermarket and then you say NOW let me go out and HUNT for customers? A leader would expose the cleaners, hair salon and even the checkout person at the supermarket to the products and services they sell and see if there is a FIT… That is adding this to your life…..Oprah does NOT stop her life to do her shows she connects with those she wants on her station DAILY so does TRUMP and so should you.

Start being very careful of who you let in your ear about your success.  You want to connect with those that are headed down the SAME highway you are on….

I would also encourage you to read Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and see the difference in the POVERTY or JOB mindset and the WEALTHY or the Business Owner Mindset……Your mind is the thing you have to CONTROL most to get your life on a different path,  Remember your thinking landed you where you are. You need  a new mindset to get to a new destination

I would hope this gives a place to START and lets  help you DEVELOP into an  income producing BUSINESS OWNER…

To learn more of how to work with me or just want to ask a question feel free to contact me by phone 770-621-2678 or send me a quick comment

I am here to HELP

Wendy Lovejoy

Business Owner & Coach

4 thoughts on “Your Mindset to Business Ownership

  1. Wow this is truly life changing information! It may sound cliche, but it is true that you can accomplish your dream when you simply put your mind to it, and take action.

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