You are in BUSINESS and you have to EXPOSE others to YOU.  You have been working on your telephone SKILLS and are gaining ground.  You grow your business by growing your contact list.  Your facebook friends, twitter, linkedin and google etc.  You want to collect their contact INFORMATION in one place.

The bigger you get your contact list the bigger you will make your influence and paycheck…This increases the possibility of sales on a daily basis instead of just monthly. The list should include names EMAILS & I like to collect their PHONE number, some see the phone number as an option…

You will also BUILD different lists for different purposes. You do not want everyone in the SAME category

Once you get the list they should get routine emails. They should be on some sort of auto responder.  Now you have more chances to show them how YOU solve their specific issue. Once they trust that you are their solution they become a client customer or business partner a LOT easier

You do NOT have to SELL them on your company, you just want to communicate in your emails. The consistency will create a  community that KNOWS you and sees you as an expert in your industry.  This will cause them to RESPOND more to your offers.  Start with a small offer and then let them be EXPOSED to the BIGGER offers in time.  They will more often CHOOSE it on their own.  YOU WILL NOT have to SELL or HARASS them to buy your BIGGEST or MOST expensive  offer.

A company I like and you can TEST DRIVE for $1 is     http://www.aweber.com/?400235… That is my AFFILIATE link and as you TRY it and see the EASE you will continue to use them

Now go out and BUILD that list so you can UPGRADE your INCOME..

If you would like to learn more about working with me or just want to ask a question call 770-621-2678.

Always here to HELP

Wendy Lovejoy

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