Staying Motivated

Ever had a day when you felt like you needed some motivation to keep going. You know the day when one too many things go wrong or that one thing that finally  breaks the camels back.

Maybe a day you question will I ever get to the profit side of this venture?. .Possibly you wake up and felt  like there must be an easier way.

How about looking at your neighbors grass and it looks so much greener than yours but you just never see them water theirs and you seem to water mow and fertilize. They seem to always  be driving off in the  newest Mercedes or Range Rover when you go out to work on your yard and your car is back in the shop.

These are the days when all you have put in place to motivate you counts. The day you dig deeper for a stronger why?. These are the days you put on all the motivational music you like, the songs that change your mood back to the fighter spirit.  It is a day you pull out all the motivational books that you can find and start reading.

You may even have a change of heart and get back in the game with some quotes.  Motivational quotes from those who were tested so they can be our proof that it can be done. It is wise to collect them before you need them.

Hopefully you find some added power to your vision by some of the quotes that have helped so many….

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