How to Choose a Mentor or Coach

That is the most important question of all. and one I get asked OFTEN.   I say how do I answer it? . I think giving an example of how I chose one of mine in my early days might help.  I had  decided to get into REAL ESTATE and I went searching for a broker to MENTOR me.  I heard that QUEENS New York was the place to get paid in Real Estate in the 90’s.

So I looked up all the brokers I could find that were creating the business models I wanted to follow.  I then made a  appointments with a few of them..The one question I asked them all was who trained you to really UNDERSTAND the business?  Most answered Chuck McGill of Era McGill.  So I said let me find him.  I learned he had more than one office so I asked him to allow me to work in the one he spent most of his time in.

He was a TOUGH trainer but I became a success because of it. He wanted me to KNOW  all I could to run a successful office of my own one day

I spent one year working VERY CLOSELY with Chuck and LEARNED everything he knew and then put it into my STYLE. I won a few real estate awards for top producer top  listing agent etc. I also BUILT a huge clientele BEFORE I  opened my own office

Chuck was a mentor when I started and  became one of my closest and dearest friends he grew to trust me so much that he LEFT every LEAD he had BUILT to me when he retired and ALL his  training materials.  He said he knew I would VALUE them

I was able to take a year off and enjoy my kids BEFORE starting my own office and in it I focused on what made me different from Chuck and what I lLIKED that I had learned  from him and  packaged that.

So in short when choosing a mentor/coach choose some-one who CAN help YOU understand the business more NOT some-one who is TOO busy when YOU need their help. And some-one who is INTERESTED in YOU succeeding more than letting you STAY in the state they met you in

I never met ANYONE who WON the olympics or ball game  WITHOUT a COACH, have you

Here to HELP,

Wendy Lovejoy


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      • At the rate he’s advancing thuogrh the coaching ranks, he’ll be the head coach of a big time program before too long. It’s hard to believe that only 5 years ago he was an assistant for our KHS team and I don’t think it was a coincidence that we had the best year of any KHS team ever. Congrats to a great guy and great coach.

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