How to ATTRACT new Customers, Clients & Business Partners

I often wondered why people can have no money and say they are broke but let the car break down and they find it..At that point ALL resources kick in and they find a way to  either borrow, use a credit card, or use a paycheck and put off something but that car will get repaired.

Why is it you do not get customers, clients and business partners everyday but you will go hard when you have  just left a motivation conference.

I believe if people understood that it is a priority to work on getting new business before you need the income the business produces they would want to have continuous business come in.

That happens if you schedule a routine time every week or everyday for new clientele. So let me ask you what have you put in place as a system for new clientele you do not have to chase but will WANT to work with specifically you.

The first thing to look at is what do you offer that  others do not.  Mcdonalds, Burger King and White Castle are all known for hamburgers but somehow they are all very different,

Once you recognize the difference like the three franchises mentioned above how can you package YOUR differences?  If that is not clear hang around  for a few  more  blogs or connect to the trainings we offer. . If it is crystal clear then get started on a marketing campaign you can afford to keep up for the next 3 to 6 months. It does not work if you go hard for one month and the next month you are missing in action..It has to be consistent

Now have you helped anyone succeed and if so can you get a testimony?  The how  can you share it so those who are in the same place in life can say “Wow if she/he helped them then they can help me.”

The next thing is to know who has an issue you are the answer for? Now find the places they hang in? That is where you network..If you were looking for salmon would you fish in a pond of trout?

If you want to catch salmon are you putting out bait for salmon? Or are you sitting for hours because you are trying to do it your way? Fish do not see the hook they see the bait.

In business your bait is your difference not your similarities. Your bait is the things others say was the reason their life is better after they met you.

Now package that information and do it routinely.  Then  when speak to prospects  they have some desire to work with you not just anyone but YOU.

This is the way to keep money following you and you not chasing after it. .I ask what would your life look like if you had 10 more clients, customers or business partners right  now?

If you are serious,  a go getter,  a person who wants a change in business then we can communicate. But if you are still making excuses then I may not be your best choice. I believe when the student is READY the teacher appears.

To learn more about working with me or just ask a question call 770-621-2678…I  will personally answer you

Here to HELP,

Wendy Lovejoy

3 thoughts on “How to ATTRACT new Customers, Clients & Business Partners

  1. Great article Wendy!!! I am learning thru great coaching that you have to be consistent in your business and you have to build your business with integrity. Thru this journey we call 5linx I am learning that I continue to look for leaders with a strong WHY who want this business as much as I do. I can;t force you to want success you have to want it for yourself. I will continue to follow and excellent system that’s in place and stay connected to my leadership and eventually I will find leaders who will help me build a solid business

  2. Edward Ward thanks for your comment and as long as you BUILD a solid business you will ATTRACT solid leaders…My system is all about laying a strong foundation and you will end up with a business that takes care of you…ED thanks for taking the time to read and the time to comment it is much appreciated Major success in your business

    • Edward you may want to learn your specific niche..Everyone uses our products but everyone will NOT get them from you…Everyone will not get them from me..Our coaching program teaches you how to ATTRACT the ones who will get them from you

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